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Run for your life.

27 year old social worker who decided to take my life back.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 27
Height: 5'2
SW: 214
CW: 163
GW: 130
Starting running in August 2011.

Official PRs:
10k 4/28/13: 1:03:28
1/2 Marathon 2:13:33

Currently training for the LA Marathon on 3/9/14.

Weigh Ins My face

Apr 19 '14
Apr 19 '14
Apr 19 '14
Today’s hike was magnificent. Hiked higher today! #hiking #fitlife

Today’s hike was magnificent. Hiked higher today! #hiking #fitlife

Apr 16 '14

Some updates.

I apologize for the lack of posts, but weight loss is going well! We have been eating well and the wife is down a good amount of weight; I believe 6 lbs! I have not weighed myself because fear of the scale will make me very restrictive and I can’t live that life.

  • I have been in a bit of a tailspin mentally. I believe my profession (social work) is not the job for me anymore, and I am now in student loan debt for 20 years for a degree I probably shouldn’t have attained. It’s hard to find jobs that want Sociology majors. I believe this happens to a lot of people though, so there’s peace in that. I’m torn between getting another degree or just hoping a job will hire me with my nearly 10 years of steady job history.

  • I have one sister getting married and one due with her second child in a month. I’m so excited! So between these two things, I’ve been a little broke. I need to get my maid of honor dress, but with this weight gain I’m dreading trying to find dresses. I want to lose this weight by her wedding in October, damnit!

  • We still plan on moving next year, and that consumes me as well. We are visiting again in July though! My sister was planning on moving to Colorado, but we’re hoping to take her to Seattle so she can see how lovely it is and want to move there herself. Fingers crossed!

  • I’m having some family issues and I’m trying very hard to not let that affect my eating. So far, okay. Last week I didn’t do as good as I could, so I’m trying very hard this week.

  • I’m nearly over this stupid cold so I can start running soon! I am going to a concert tonight though; dancing counts as cardio, right?

  • I have a 5k in 4 weeks with my mama! When I get back to my training, I’m going to cross my fingers for a sub 30-minute 5k.

  • Did I tell you guys my mom is training for her first half-marathon? She got new shoes and we are going to start training in July! She can run about 1-2 miles without getting winded. She’s a bit slower so I’m going to coach her as best as I can. We’re doing the New Year’s half marathon in January in Downtown LA! Anyone else plan that far ahead?

  • Depending on my job, which requires me to be on call every few weeks, I want to do 4 half marathons between September and January: the Ventura half-marathon in September, Rock N’ Roll LA in October, Santa Barbara half-marathon in November, Santa to the Sea in Oxnard in December, and the New Year’s Half-marathon in January. Oh money, how I need thee.

I think that’s it for now. When I get back to working out I’ll be updating lots more, I promise!

Apr 13 '14
Apr 10 '14





I don’t know her but I love her

This reminds me of veganvibez Jessica

Apr 10 '14

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Apr 10 '14
Apr 10 '14

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Apr 9 '14

I’ve been sick and dealing with personal stuff and everything sucks. But I haven’t overeaten! So there’s that! And I’m feeling better so I may actually be able to work out tomorrow!